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1 min 23% 576 ms 127 pghero · details
SELECT n.nspname AS table_schema, c.relname AS table, attname AS column, format_type(a.atttypid, a.atttypmod) AS column_type, pg_get_expr(d.adbin, d.adrelid) AS default_value FROM pg_catalog.pg_attribute a INNER JOIN pg_catalog.pg_class c ON c.oid = a.attrelid INNER JOIN pg_catalog.pg_namespace n ON n.oid = c.relnamespace INNER JOIN pg_catalog.pg_attrdef d ON (a.attrelid, a.attnum) = (d.adrelid, d.adnum) WHERE NOT a.attisdropped AND a.attnum > $1 AND pg_get_expr(d.adbin, d.adrelid) LIKE $2 AND n.nspname NOT LIKE $3 /*pghero*/
1 min 15% 23 ms 2,059 parasapp · details
SELECT     itd.* FROM       "inv_tran_details"  as itd inner join inventory_transactions as it on = itd.inventory_transaction_id inner join item_with_details as iwd on itd.item_with_detail_id = WHERE     (it.reference2 = $1 and iwd.item_id = $2) ORDER BY desc LIMIT $3
0 min 9% 195 ms 140 pghero · details
SELECT schemaname AS schema, t.relname AS table, ix.relname AS name, regexp_replace(pg_get_indexdef(i.indexrelid), $1, $2) AS columns, regexp_replace(pg_get_indexdef(i.indexrelid), $3, $4) AS using, indisunique AS unique, indisprimary AS primary, indisvalid AS valid, indexprs::text, indpred::text, pg_get_indexdef(i.indexrelid) AS definition FROM pg_index i INNER JOIN pg_class t ON t.oid = i.indrelid INNER JOIN pg_class ix ON ix.oid = i.indexrelid LEFT JOIN pg_stat_user_indexes ui ON ui.indexrelid = i.indexrelid WHERE schemaname IS NOT NULL ORDER BY 1, 2 /*pghero*/
0 min 3% 45 ms 186 pghero · details
SELECT n.nspname AS schema, c.relname AS relation, CASE WHEN c.relkind = $1 THEN $2 ELSE $3 END AS type, pg_table_size(c.oid) AS size_bytes FROM pg_class c LEFT JOIN pg_namespace n ON n.oid = c.relnamespace WHERE n.nspname NOT IN ($4, $5) AND n.nspname !~ $6 AND c.relkind IN ($7, $8) ORDER BY pg_table_size(c.oid) DESC, 2 ASC /*pghero*/